[Cash Payment] COVID-19 Test

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This is a digital consultation and laboratory testing service for individuals who are at risk or are suspected to have an active COVID-19 (coronavirus) infection.

The test used is the international gold standard test method for detecting active coronavirus infections: an RNA Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test.

Please note, due to a national shortage of testing reagent - testing will only be provided to individuals deemed to be at sufficient risk of exposure.


What does the fee cover:

- Initial eligibility screening

- 1x COVID-19 PCR test

- Results reporting and follow-up advise

- Pre and post-test digital consultation*


What does the fee not cover:

- Treatment or treatment costs related to diagnosis

- Any other laboratory fees other than for COVID-19

Who Should Get Tested:

Testing will be prioritised for individuals that fulfill epidemiological and clinical case definitions and only if approved by our doctor

Due to critical test shortages, COVID-19testing will be restricted to patients with travel to areas where there has been sustained person to person transmission with in the last 14 days and seriously ill or hospitalised with severe pneumonia, or cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or measured fever of  38 °C. Testing will also be reserved for health care workers who attended patients with confirmed COVID19 (SARS-CoV-2) tests.


Samples required:

Swab (oral or nasopharyngeal)


Average Turnaround Time

3-5 working days



* Digital consultation will be offered based on the results of the eligibility screen as well as test results