COVID-19 Testing FAQs

Any person presenting with an acute (≤14 days) respiratory tract infection or other clinical illness compatible with COVID-19, or an asymptomatic person who is a close contact of a confirmed case in certain cases (e.g. health care workers and patients in certain settings such as care homes.

Asymptomatic close contacts should not be routinely tested despite meeting the suspected case definition.

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Common signs and symptoms reported include fever, cough, shortness of breath and other respiratory complaints. Severe infections have been reported and these have resulted in severe acute respiratory syndrome, renal failure and even death.

Get COVID Tested is an online testing and telehealth service supported by a team of South African doctors. We have partnered with SANAS accredited pathology laboratories throughout South Africa.

We have testing sites all 9 provinces in South Africa. You are able to choose the desired location for your test at checkout.

Anyone who tests positive will immediately be notified and put into self-isolation at home or at a facility designated to manage the outbreak. You will then remain self-isolation for a minimum of 10 days, provided that you have improved symptoms without a fever for the last 3 days.

The service exists to provide you with rapid access to COVID-19 diagnosis and testing.

It is intended for use only by those individuals that are asymptomatic or that have mild symptoms. Anyone with moderate to severe symptoms will be referred to their nearest emergency department as they will most likely require in-person medical care.

This service does not include follow-up care after the diagnosis has been made. If you have worsening symptoms after testing positive you will need to be seen in-person by a medical practitioner.

We understand the stresses associated with doing a COVID-19 test and waiting for the results. The current turnaround time for results is 24-36 hours.

This will vary depending on testing capacity in your province and the number of COVID-19 cases occurring at that time.

We are an online doctor-supported telehealth and testing service that has partnerships with SANAS accredited laboratories in all 9 South African provinces.

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